Customer DIService….Revisited

Customer service is big with us at Your Extra Storage, so I feel this topic needs to be continually brought up, and since I feel like a blog is a place to let people know how you feel, that’s what I’ll do.

I’ve been reviewing some of our business services, other companies that we use to make our business a little better.  I was reviewing a statement and there was a note on the last page of five that told me that I was going to have a $99 fee assessed.  As far as I could tell, the fee was not for any additional service, rather, the fee was just….a fee.  So, I called customer service and waited on hold for ten minutes, at which point a robot greeted me and graciously allowed me to leave a message, which I did.  I received no return call.  So, I called again.  I waited 10 minutes….again, and, once again, a robot allowed me to leave another message…to which, I received nothing.  Then I called again…well, you get the point.  Then I sent an email.  A response!  To which I then responded, and… more response.  I was finally able to speak to a warm body only after contacting said company’s competition, who, for whatever reason, was able to give me a different customer service number.  All that, and the end result was an incompetent customer care representative and an “unwaiveable” fee.  I was, however, able to garner the address to which I would send my termination letter.

What I’m getting at, is that customer service is apparently a dead art…in many cases.  Not here.  When you contact us through our website you will get a personal response from, in most cases, our regional manager.  If you call and leave a message it will absolutely be returned.  And if you can’t make it before we close, we’ll find a way to work things out for you.

I’ll tell you a quick story.  Our manager at our Cedar Bluff location, Ina, was getting ready to close a couple Saturday’s back, when she received a call from a student.  He was coming home from Johnson City.  He wouldn’t be in town for several hours.  She gave him her cell phone number and told him to call and she would meet him when he arrived.  That’s what we think defines customer service.

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One Response to Customer DIService….Revisited

  1. Tiffany says:

    ha! This is hands-down the best storage unit blog I’ve ever read….a little tough on robots.

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