What’s YOUR Message?

I was in a breakfast meeting one morning this week.  I find it strange that a lunch meeting is a luncheon, but we have no breakfeon (noun, pr. brek-fyon), or another combination of the two–a feast, and, in addition, a forum to exchange ideas….I digress. 

In any case, someone gave a short presentation as part of our breakfeon.  I took away from that one main idea–you must continue to evolve, more specifically, if your current message is not producing what you would like to produce, CHANGE your message!  This caused me to think….what’s my message?  Well, I’ll tell you what it SHOULDN’T be….

For the most part, storage is storage.  Everyone has a room with three sides, a door, and a metal roof.  Now, we have insulation in our roof, our roofs have no penetrations through which water may enter, and our construction is all metal, using no wood, as some older facilities may.  Additionally, how many phone book ads have a bulleted section listing items such as coded access, security fence, lighting, climate controlled, etc.?  The answer is not all, but it’s a lot.  So, as you search for a facility you may browse some websites or the yellow pages and if the price did not sway you to a different facility, and it’s pretty near to your home (nearly everyone these days has several facilities within a 15 minute drive), you may simply flip a coin.  Is that the right decision?  I would argue that it is not.  The one “wildcard” in our industry would have to be the calibre of the individual managing the facility.  So, unlike many others whose message is, “we have a bunch of sheds, and they’re,” I would prefer my message to be, “I too have great sheds, and additionally, I have the best managers around.”

They are the best because they listen.  They listen to your storage needs but they also listen to your story.  They’ll open early and stay late.  They take pride in their properties.  They know their tenants and their tenants know them.  They are what sets Your Extra Storage apart.

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